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26 inch mountain bike 36v 250w brushless motor

Electric Mountain Bike are rapidly gaining popularity. Throughout the world, demand has increased dramatically. Year-on-year growth in almost all other sectors sectors by means of providing superior design, quality and performance, HOTEBIKE intends to take advantage of this growth and keep the leading Our we are interested in producing the 26 inch mountain bike, but keeping the price tag reality. Compare our 26 inch mountain bike specifications, styles and prices to any of our competitors and you will see why HOTEBIKE is so popular with the choice.

Our latest 26 inch mountain bike series is by far the best. We have added some technical enhancements, set a new standard in the fastest mountain ebike market. Independent research and development of batteries and motors, and we have done some components and styling to make our 26 inch mountain bike more Ideal.

26 inch mountain bike


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